The Legion of Lyracists is a breath of fresh air in the NorthCoast hip hop scene. This is a versatile band (yes band!) of rappers, singers, beatmakers, deejays, and instrumentalists that started off like a fairy tale.

Once upon a time, The Legion existed only in the mind of a filmmaker. They would be the story, characters, and soundtrack to his movie. They became that and so much more. Taking their dank but detailed beats from the studio to the stage and screen was a process that involved a large-scale collaboration with writers, emcees, producers, turnabalists, instrumentalists, actors, editors, and directors.

The project reminds me of the album, A Prince Among Thieves, produced by the legendary Prince Paul. The storytelling and diversity of styles, the characters and personalities, the changing of structure and pace of the music throughout, these things keep me eagerly awaiting the next performance, album, video, or whatever collaborative project the Davis Brothers come up with.

David Kennedy

 Founder of Tighten Up Records & Director of The Tri-C Recording Arts and Technology program

Legion of Lyricisits

Legion of lyricists is a Hip Hop Musical Written & Directed by Najada Davis about a young man's journey out of the suburbs and into the city. To gain street credit and take his chance at being a Lyricist.

With all original music written & performed by all the artists involved, and a complete soundtrack and score for your listening pleasure.